Help. I think my family is a bit racist


My family is a little upset that I’m dating a foreigner. Btw, I’m not gonna provide details about my race and country for personal reasons. But yeah, my girlfriend is a foreigner and she does not speak English well but for me, it’s no problem at all since we both easily understand each other in some way. I think my family is a bit racist. They think foreign affairs are doomed from the beginning because of massive differences in culture and way of life. I’m not even exaggerating, my family is just this conservative. I honestly don’t care about what they think since they can’t make decisions for me. I’m more worried about my girlfriend in the future when she eventually becomes my wife. So now I’m thinking of moving to where my girlfriend is in the event that we do get married. Is this a good solution? Or do you have any other suggestions to fix my family’s messed up way of thinking?


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  • Alexia

    Sometimes times solves these issues. In some cases, over time, as they see you two together more and more and see that this is something serious and get to know her, they will start accepting this relationship. Other times, this doesn’t happen. You shouldn’t try to convince them of anything, if you like/love her that should be enough – they should just accept that you love this woman and they should like her as well. Don’t force this on them and be ready for this never happening. You may eventually have to move in with her in her country or in yours, at another place than your parents’. You never know.


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