A wholesome conversation over a cup of coffee


My experience yesterday was something I will always treasure. I met this American guy who landed his first trip here in the Philippines. He was amazing. He is half-spanish and half-american. We had a wholesome conversation. He was so nice, even shared about his family in the States, how he decided to come over the country, to relax, and to spend a beautiful escapade to meet foreign tours. We talked for about five hours! It was then I realized that not all men are not just into vigorous activities, but to meaningful and serene setups as well. Before we departed, we exchanged contacts and promised to keep in touch as much as possible. Do you have the same experience as mine?  


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  • Patricia
    That's wonderful, Moniq17! And yes, there are plenty of men who want meaningful connections just like there are plenty of women who don't want this. 

    I've had such an experience when I was younger. 

    Keep us posted!
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