My mom won't approve my international travel


Next month, I’ll be visiting my friend which has been involved with marriage tours for years in Colombia. But there’s a problem, my mom won’t approve my international travel. She said it’s too risky for me, for my age. But dude, I’m already 26! Is there any problem with that? I already have my itinerary for my 5 days visit in the country and I can’t just cut this off! I know my mom is just trying to be protective but I’m pretty sure I’ll be safe in my travel there. What should I tell to my mom? I need your advices guys!


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  • Patricia
    1. From what I understand you are dependent on your mom for money, right? I mean, since you are 26 why do you need her permission? I'm just trying to understand the whole picture here. 

    2. You can make a list of things why you should go to Colombia and how that will help your life. Also point out some things that will ease your mother's mind. Show her this trip is well worth it and that you will be safe. You need to make a solid argument here. 
  • mrcowell26
    Right, thanks for your suggestion. I'll definitely do that. And also, I have my own money to use in my travel to Colombia. So, I should really insist in going to the country. Have a great one!
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