Fighting the urge to say "I do".


I am writing this post to know your side about the proper age to get married. I am still 25 and I think I’m still young to tie the knot. But there’s a problem, my fiancé whom I met in my travel to Thailand for a social romance tour proposed to me yesterday. I had to fight the urge to say “I do” since I’m not yet sure to go that far in our relationship. I still want to pursue my planned business venture. I still need to help my younger sister with her finances at school. And getting married might hinder my plans. Please tell me your thoughts about this.


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  • Patricia

    How long have you known this man?

    If you don’t feel sure about this why not talk to your loved one about this. Sit down and calmly explain to him why you are not yet sure. Reassure him that you love him. I think you shouldn’t rush into anything you aren’t 100% sure about. And as you explain things, right now doesn’t seem to be the time to get married. You can get married anytime – at 30, 40 and so on. It’s very easy to do this, but it can really change things when it’s rushed.


  • Fiona

    He should be able to respect your plans and fight with you to accomplish them. If marriage doesn’t help those plans, then he shouldn’t push it. Like Patricia said, you need to have a very serious conversation with him and explain what you want while keeping him assured of you love for him. You aren’t saying no to him, you’re just not ready for this commitment right now.

  • liacooper
    Thank you for your responses guys. Yes, will definitely talk to him about my plans. I hope he'll understand me with this. I'm not yet ready for marriage so I think he'll respect my decision. Thanks again!
  • emmaemma
    That's great, Lia! Make sure to keep us updated on what he says - I for one, am very curious how he'll react. Be patient with him if he doesn't react the way you'd like; sometimes men open their mouth without thinking :) but that doesn't mean they don't love us. 
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