He was caught off guard


I knew my man has been cheating on me. I saw him one time busy chatting with someone in an online dating site where I also met him. Our first affair happened in a foreign bride social where we got acquainted and fell in love. The rest is history. I was in the room when I caught him off guard, sweetly chatting to a woman he met in that site. I was really angry and pissed knowing we are married and expecting our second child. The nerve! What should I do? His explanations are not even satisfying at all! Please help!


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  • Patricia
    Sorry to hear this, Agatha. 

    1. What did he say when you confronted him? Are you sure he chatted with that woman with a romantic interest (it might sound like stupid question but just want to be sure and also know his explanations)?

    2. What do you think you should do right now? It's very hard to give out advice like this without knowing the full story and in the end, this is your decision to make and no one can decide this for you.

    The more details you can give us the better we can try to help you. 
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