I have social anxiety and I’m speaking in an event. Help!


I have social anxiety but my brother signed me up for some social dating event abroad for me to “meet” and have a girlfriend since he insists I should just “face my fears.” He insists that the anxiety is all in my head since I wasn’t always like this back then. He believes that I just became closed off from the world ever since I got dumped 5 years ago. I admit, it’s been really tough since my last relationship but I realized that I don’t need a woman in my life.

My brother, on the other hand, is pushing me so hard to get myself out there again since I’ve messed up my life and career over the years of being depressed and lazy. I’m trying so hard to be open-minded about this and maybe it is for the best? I know I was once a confident and loud guy but that was before my toxic ex ruined my life and made me insecure about myself. Should I give this a try?


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  • Patricia
    I think you should try it. Your brother is just looking out for you and sometimes the ones close to us know what we need to be doing when we actually don't know that. So try it. Do your best even if it's scary or who knows what else you may feel about this. Do it anyway and try your best. 

    And please remember that no one can make you feel insecure/bad/stupid/etc without your consent. NO ONE. So stop doing this to yourself and start telling yourself the truth: you are a confident, loud guy :)) and you're becoming better and better with each passing day. Start focusing on that image as much as possible and start doing the things needed to get there. Start now.
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