My ex I want back.

Complicated situation. I'm married, separated from my "wife" of 3 1/2 years, for awhile. In the meantime I met another woman, her and I have known one another for 2 years now (May 2016) we started dating in July of 2016, my wife and I were going through issues (my wife is a drug addict, manipulator, liar etc) this new woman was there for me, she ended up falling in love with me, not long after I fell in love with her, we had a good connection. Her and my "wife" had words unfortunately a time or two. Make a super long story short (ask any questions and I will answer) my wife and I ended up getting back together for a short period of time and this new woman got very upset understandably, I ended up not dealing with my "wife" after awhile. This just began happening a few months ago Dec 2017/Jan 2018 where this new woman I'll call her Jasmine she started pulling back some and acting different she said she is dating someone but nothing serious, also tells me that she wants me but doesn't trust me and she is hurt understandably.. But she has been communicating with me daily via text messages, calls, facebook messages, she tells me she is trying to get over the hurt and wants to give it another chance. I'm in love with her and want her back, she is so hot & cold with her feelings. One minute she won't talk to me for a few days then we talk and laugh & get along very well.. She's sent me pictures & screenshots of rings. Our children her daughter and my son (only a month apart in age) get a long really well, most of everything connect with Jasmine and I.. My queuestion is has anyone on her been in a predicament like this or know anyone who has and what did they do???


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  • Patricia
    Hi Jeff,

    1. Why did you end up getting back together with your ex wife and what happened there exactly? We need to understand what really happened that made Jasmine so upset - and yes, her being not able to trust you is understandable after this episode.

    2. She might be hot and cold with her feelings because: a) that's how most women are :) b) she has fun with you and then remembers what you did and starts being afraid of what else you might do c) you two need to communicate better so you know how she feels and she knows how you feel and d)all of the above.

    3. My advice is to always be honest when you have feelings for someone else. Be open, admit your faults and try (with her help and ask for it) to get better every day. This is a long-life "battle" to become better, to show her she can trust you, to do nice things for her, to be her friend and listen to her. The more you give, the more you'll eventually receive. 

    So, let us know more details so we can help more :)
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