Our breakup is giving me nightmares


Nightmares are real. I’ve been experiencing this since the breakup I had with my ex-girlfriend. I know I’ve hurt her so much but do I also have to experience this? I am so much thankful to her for loving me, I know I made her happy with the years of us being together, but life is just like that. We can’t control it sometimes. You might be wondering about the reason why this happened - I fell out of love, I don’t love her any longer. I thought our relationship will work out but it didn’t. Did I do the right thing?


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  • Patricia
    If you didn't love her any more then there was no point in continuing the relationship. It's very hard to make this decision but sometimes it's the best thing to do. How long have you been apart? Maybe these nightmares are just your guilt materializing this way. You are the only person who can say if this was the right thing to do or not. But no matter what, you should try to stay friends with her. 
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