Any thoughts about internet censorship?


In the emergence of internet in the lives of about 8 billion people, work has become very convenient and simple. Researches are made through online, even communicating to other ends of the planet. With this, dating has also arose through its higher level. Dating sites were organized to bridge that gap between men and women living in different countries. Services like foreign date live, matchmaking has evolved to ease the load in meeting the right partner. But does this have to deal with internet censorship also? Drop your thoughts below. 


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  • Kevin
    I wonder what you are referring to when you mention internet censorship. Could you give a few examples?

    I think that we are evolving as a race (human race) with the good and the bad. The bad part is we aren't communicating as much as we did - I mean, face to face. We think we are communicating more via phones, social media but that's not really the best form of communication. 

    I try to meet up with friends and family and spend time together because at the end of the day, I want more time spent with my loved ones, face to face. 
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