Breakup while living with my ex.

 Hi about a month ago my fiancee  of 4 years broke up with me because he felt i don't contribute to the relationship to ease the burdens off his shoulders and that everything falls on him.  He said his love for me disintegrated over time. He says he no longer has feelings for me and wants us to play the roommate roll for the sake of our 2yr old daughter.  My world has been shattered since the breakup. He is my first true true love! Playing roommates is emotionally killing me!! I can't even look at him.  I want him back so badly I'm contiplating signing up for exsolution program. But does the program cover situations like mine?? Please please help! I love him so very much.  


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  • Patricia

    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry to hear about this. I understand that it’s very difficult to leave with your ex and yes I think the exsolution program will help you. If you haven’t already read it, here is out Ex Solution program review.


    I think that the fact that you have a 2yr old daughter could help you get him back but there’s still a lot of work to do this. Just an advice: start acting like the woman he (and you) both know you can be and start helping him with all the things you didn’t previously (as much as you can right now). Don’t ask for anything in return, just do your best to help.

  • Alice

    You should definitely give the Ex solution program a try, Jessica. It has worked very well in my case and while we didn’t live in the same house like you are right now, we had serious issues. The program taught me how to respond to certain things and I finally understood where he was coming from most of the time. It was a HUGE eye opener for me.

  • mjd22890
    I’m in the same boat minus the fiancé and kid part, but my gir is starting the rebound phase and If anyone could help me I appreciate it 
  • Amelia
    mjd22890 - Could you elaborate more on this? Would like to help out but I need more details. How long have you been together? How old are you? Are you living together? How bad was your breakup (did you say nasty things to each other when you broke up)? The more details you can provide the more people can help. 
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