Signs a girl likes you?



So I’m interested in knowing what you think are some signs that a girl might like you, I think there might be someone in my class who is interested, but I’m not too sure myself.. Would appreciate any help if possible!


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  • Andrew

    Some info about what’s happening, we sit together in some classes and actually talk a lot, but I’m not too sure if I should make a move.. any advice? 

  • Rachael
    If she's talking to you, that is a HUGE bonus to you and that means that she at least finds you entertaining to be around, I would try hang out with her more often, and maybe offer to do some homework together 
  • Alexia
    Yeah, definitely offer to help her - this is the best way to get close to her and show her that you are there to help. Try to be friendly, make her laugh. 

    Now, just because you talk a lot doesn't necessarily mean she is into you. She might just like you as a friend but then again, what if she really likes you likes you, you know? You should just take it slow and consider both outcomes: what happens if she only likes you as a friend (where does your friendship go then?) and what if she wants to be your girlfriend. Think about these things before you ask her if she likes you. 
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