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hey I posted on here a little while ago and I just contacted my ex girlfriend for the first time after doing no contact today. The whole time I was doing no contact I was trying to better myself and really figure out what I need to do to make this relationship work. I think that I have grown and I believe I still am. My ex gf responded within a few minutes after I texted her and we talked for like 10 minutes or so bc I said I had to go bc I only really wanted to have a quick convo. I feel like it went really well as she said things like “lol” and “haha” and yeah it felt like old times again. I am thinking of just slowly working my way back to her and having longer, more connected convos. I was thinking of maybe contact in her a few days or so. Is this a good plan? I could use some advice 


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  • Patricia
    Hello again,

    I'm glad you contacted her and it was a positive conversation. It's great to be positive but try not to get your hopes up just because she said "lol" and "haha". Take it slowly, have patience and improve yourself. Become stronger - mentally and physically as it will all help you be better and have more meaningful relationships. 

    Contact her in 3+ days and tell her you're sorry you didn't have time last time to chat. Ask her more details about how she's been doing. If she has time to chat then chat as long as possible, if not retry this in a few days. Let us know how this goes. 
  • will_m3s
    I was not planning on posting because I was just going to do what we discussed by my ex reached out to me this morning. She was jusr simply asking if I could print out her homework for her class because her printer doesn’t work but we then again had a positive 10 minute chat. We have a few classes together so I did see her and we had even more positive interactions and she seemed open to me and laughed and smiled all throughout these interactions. We even locked eyes in one class and she smiled. Like I said I wasn’t planning on posting or asking today but these interactions made me wonder: are these all good signs or am I delusional? 
  • Patricia
    They aren't bad signs, that's for sure :) so keep on pushing forward, one step at a time. We can't know for sure what she's thinking. You have to be patient and keep contacting her from time to time. Keep working the plan and eventually you'll see if she really wants to get back together or not. Either way, keep working on yourself, keep learning new things about yourself and women. Don't just waste this time waiting to see what she says, use it wisely because it will pay off no matter what happens. 
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