Want to get her back

    My ex girlfriend brock up with me about 45 days ago. I want to get her back. Let me tell you in detail. We are in this relationship about 3 years.  About 60 days ago once evening my girlfriend call me and she told me now it's time to breakup with each other. I asked her why? She replied me today i kissed a guy and I feel I am a ugly woman and I am not trusted persone anymore. So i don't want to cheat you so we should breakup. That time i thought she made a mistake so I should calm down her and I should pamper her to feel her relax it was just an accident. I did so and somehow she did not with me when she was with me. So I felt very possessive and jealous. I started hearting her by telling her that she might made the same mistake. She told me that she is not contact with that guy whom she kissed. But somehow I understand that she is cheating my. So I started spying her phone by spy app. And yes I got her in red hand, really she started lying me about that guy. I told her everything the I am sping your phone and you r a cheater, a prostitut etc. After that she brock up with me. And she don't want to talk to me anymore. After some days I bagged her pleased her please forget everything and come back to me we will solve all our problems together but she just don't want to get back in this relationship. She told me I am not compatible for her in any condition(family background, educational qualification, future line, sexual, etc) and it is somehow true. And she fall in love with someone else and he is far better than me. She blocked me from everywhere because she don't want to think about me and she deleted all my contacts too so that I can't contact with her too. Is this possible to get her back? If it's possible than please help me. 


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  • Patricia
    Who knows if it's possible or not? It depends on a LOT of things and there are a lot of things we don't know. You can definitely try to get her back but you can never know for sure if she will ever want to be with you or not. 

    I would start by apologizing to her for the way you treated her and talked to her. Never call a woman a prostitute or things like that. Just don't do it. It's disrespectful to both her and yourself. You are better than this. 

    Then start becoming a better man. Start becoming the man you know you can be. The man she would like you to be. Right now, as you are, you don't have much chances of getting her back and that's why you need to grow as a man. Start reading more, watch videos and start doing things to get better. Start changing the way you think about things and people. Talk better of people and try to see the best in them. Write down some of the things you know she would want you to do. Start with this. 
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