How to tell if a guy likes you?


When I met my boyfriend, I immediately felt like there was a certain spark between us, and that was what helped me first to start a relationship with him. I don’t really know what exactly it was, but I felt like, we kinda connected, I guess I didn’t really focus on the signs too well, but it felt like a right choice to me!

What about you guys/girls? How do you tell when a guy likes you


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  • Riana

    Sometimes the spark is noticeable right away, and sometimes it takes a bit of time. He starts looking at you with a new kind of look and you just feel he’s into you, if you pay attention. His posture changes, he talks a bit differently and she is much friendlier and helpful.

  • 2plus2equals5

    In most cases, it’s obvious when he likes you. He’ll want to be around you, maybe make jokes and try to make you laugh; he’ll try to help you with anything he can. Sometimes you just feel the sparks inside you when he’s around or when you think of him and he feels the same way.

  • emmaemma

    If he likes you, he’ll do his best to be around you most of the time, he’ll try to find out more things about you so he can create his plan to “conquer” you :). He’ll straighten his back and try to look bigger than he is so he impresses you. He’ll walk tall, talk louder for the same reasons. But he’ll also be gentle when talking to you, to show you he’s got a soft side as well.

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