Is she sending mixed signals?


I’ve got this girl in class that is driving me crazy! I don’t know if she does it on purpose to mess with me, if she really likes me or if she just is this way and it has nothing to do with love. She dances in class, she laughs at my jokes all the time, she kisses my cheek sometimes and even pinches my butt :). Yet, I am afraid to ask her out because I don’t want to ruin our friendship if it turns out I am wrong about this. What should I do? 


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  • Alexia

    I think she likes you. Even if she likes you as a friend, there’s also something there. I think you should just go ahead and ask her out. Tell her how you feel. Tell her she’s a great friend but that you also have feelings for her. Be ready to hear “No.” as maybe she’s not into you but not asking is just not the solution. You need to know.

  • emmaemma

    Ask her but make sure you are alone. Don’t ask her in class around other kids. Make sure she is paying attention and look into her eyes when you ask. Be ready for a no but hope for a yes. I think she likes you more than just friends.

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