How to regain trust after a mistake

I've made a big mistake and got drunk and had sex with another girl and now she found out and I don't know what to do. She wants to break up with me but I love her and told her it was a mistake. I wish I didn't do this but I did. I can't turn back time and undo this. What do I do? I love her and don't want to lose her. I would do anything to make it up somehow. How do I regain her trust after this huge mistake? Any advice is greatly appreciated! 


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  • Riana
    First you need to apologize a few hundred times - not kidding. What you did was disrespectful to her and you should be ashamed of that. Even if you were drunk, you should have just said no. Apologize to her directly, then via text, then send her flowers, then do it all over again. Let her know you love her and you feel ashamed and won't do it ever again and mean it!

    Then tell her you know you screwed up badly and ask for her forgiveness. Then be patient and give her time. She will need time to process what you did.
  • Penelope

    Do what Riana said and see how it goes. And let us know how it went.

    I would add that you should do some of the things she likes. Maybe she likes it when you write her a poem so do it. Maybe she loves it when you text her, etc. The point is to apologize a lot and then let he know you are going to give her time but that you will also send her little remainders of your love for her.

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