I’m 21 and he asked me to marry him, is it too early?


He’s so sweet and I’m tempted to give in and marry him… 


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  • Payton

    How long have you been together? 

  • emmaemma

    2 years. And it’s been amazing! I hope it lasts but who knows what can happen after we’re married. 

  • Fiona

    It might last for a while but it usually starts going downhill after your first year of marriage. You’ll have to work hard for that to not happen. I wouldn’t marry him right now. 

  • emmaemma

    Why? Why shouldn’t I marry him now? 

  • Riana

    You barely know him. You are very young. You have all the time in the world to do this so why hurry? That piece of paper WILL change things for the worse. I wouldn’t marry up until I was 26 or even 30. The world is full of people who married in their early 20s only to divorce a few years later. 

  • Alexia

    Riana is right. Don’t hurry into this because it’s a mistake. Live your life. Be happy and spend your time with him but don’t get married, not yet. Take 10 years to get to know him better and then, if you both want it, get married. 

  • emmaemma

    Thanks. It’s nice to hear from others who have more experience than me. I think I will tell him it’s just not the right time now. I don’t want us to lose what we have now. 

  • princessA
    I think if you get along very well and love each other well there’s no need to wait 
    marriage is a good thing no matter what age you are what matters is whenever you are ready both of you financially and Ofcourse it should be love and trust and respect between u guys . That’s my point of view 
    try to always look into the bright side of things be positive and I wish you all the best xx
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