Falling in love with a woman that is 10 years younger …


I never thought I would fall in love with such a younger woman but I did. She’s 25 and I think she’s amazing. I’m gathering the courage to ask her out. I just feel strange because of the age difference but we already know each other and I think there’s something there. I might be wrong but I think I should at least see how things really are, no?


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  • Ted

    I think you should go for it. So what if you’re older? That shouldn’t matter. Find out if she feels the same and go on a date and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out at least you’ve tried. I know plenty of couples with 10-15 years difference between them and they are doing great. 

  • Sarah

    The age difference shouldn’t be a barrier for you. If you two hit if off then what’s wrong with that? Tell her how you feel and see if she feels something as well. 

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