Can you sabotage your own relationship?


Been having a wonderful time and now I keep asking what if. Sometimes I feel like I’m inside of a fairytale or one of those love stories that ends well. He’s so charming and listens to me blabbering about myself and my problems. He cares about me and what happens to me and is so much more than what I would have even dared to hope for. And now that he is here, I feel like I’m sabotaging myself, him, us. I feel unworthy of him and of what we have. What do I do? 


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  • Riana

    It seems like you have something really special going on here. I think that whenever things are going great, far better than we had expected we generally start asking “what if” and start doubting ourselves. As to saying you aren’t worthy that’s just a big load of BS! Of course you are worthy? If he is there and he loves you, then you are worthy of his love? And stop being selfish and think about him in this. He wants to be with you so let him. Whenever you have doubts just say “We’re strong. We’ll make it. I love him and he loves me. I have a wonderful life.” Negative ideas will always popup but if you take them head on they won’t be as powerful. 

  • Gaby

    I would talk to him and tell him how I feel. You shouldn’t be feeling unworthy of him and I’m sure he feels this way. Just communicate with him and don’t keep this bottled up. 

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