What to do if my relatives keep pressuring me into marriage?


Why is marriage so important? If you’ve got a good thing going why is it imperial that you get married? I just don’t get it why most of my relatives are pushing me to get married. I have a special thing going on with my man and I’m afraid marriage might break it somehow. 


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  • Sarah

    When it comes to love you should listen to everyone (your relatives, friends) but you should always do what your heart is telling you! If your heart tells you to stay as you are, then who cares what anyone else is saying! They should live their own lives and let you live yours. I wouldn’t marry anyone just because my relatives tell me so. What do they know? Do they know how much I love him? They couldn’t. It’s like the blind are trying to show you the way. 

  • SaturnOne

    Your relatives love you but pushing someone to do something they’re not sure of is not good. Don’t listen to them, listen to your heart but also think with your brain. Don’t just get married for the sake of it. 

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