hello, my gf and i broke up 2yrs back n we wer in realtionship from 3 yrs.after breakup we used to meet it was a casual breakup.i tried to convience her to come back but she got irritated all the time so i left such converstation and started to be with her as much as i can.then 1yr before she went to another part of country for work and stopd to talk in call and then text i tried all the times to be connected but slowly slowly she stopd msging me as she got bzy.before 4 months i went to meet her.tried realy hard and we met.she just talked abt important work related things then i came back.again 2 months before i went to meet her she straight way said she dont wnt to meet she got i came back its been 2 mnths she had not given me a single reply.i lov her and want her back.she has blocked me from everywere.


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