What to do when her mother doesn’t like you?


Her mother despises me mainly because my family is not as rich as they are. They see everything in terms of monetary gain and they are mean and cold hearted people. All except for her. She is the flower the appeared from this dessert. She is my shining light and I won’t let her go for anything in the world. It doesn’t matter that her mother hates me because I love her daughter. Anyway, if you guys and gals have any ideas on what to do in this case, I’m all ears. 


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  • Alexia

    Just show her how much she means to you every single day. Treat her like she’s the most important person in your life. Make her laugh. Talk to her and most of all, listen to what she says. Bring her gifts from the heart and don’t just aim to spend big chunks on money on them. Don’t waste your time on her mother, invest your time in your love. 

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