How can you tell if your online date is lying?


I have been chatting with this guy for 2 weeks now and he seems too good to be true. I know you can easily lie while online and make someone think you are this and that when you are actually not. So, is there any way I can find out whether he’s the real deal or just a liar? 


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  • Gaby

    It’s pretty hard to catch a liar online. I guess you just have to try and trap him by keeping track of what he says and then testing him on that. If he messes up and says something else to the same question (but phrased differently) then he is lying. 

  • Alexia

    Or you could just ask him to step out of the shadows and go on a date with you. The easiest way to spot a liar is to look him in the eyes. And why waste time with someone who might be a liar? Or who knows, maybe you got it wrong and he is the real deal in which case why waste time and not meet him now? What if he’s that guy that you didn’t think existed (it can happen)? Can you afford to lose him? 

  • Lucia

    Just tell him upfront that you hate liars and being lied to and that he needs to somehow prove himself. Why beat around the bush about it? If he is truthful and if he wants to win you over he will find a way to prove it. Why should you do the work when you are suspecting him of lying? He should prove himself to you. And if he does, you just apologize and let him know he has a big smiley face in your journal (a sort of get out of jail free card if you may). 

  • ryan_riolu
    Or you could check out his other social profiles - LinkedIn will be your best friend
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