When should you break up with him?


When would you break up with your boyfriend:

1. When/if he’s been cheating on you and you found out?

2. When/if he’d lost all the money you saved up at cards?

3. When/if you felt the love was not there anymore?

I’m curious what you all think. My man did the first 2 and now I feel like the love I had for him is not there anymore. We’ve been married 6 years but lately, he feels very distant to me. 


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  • Gaby

    That’s tough. I don’t know if I could get over the cheating part. I just couldn’t stay with someone who wasn’t faithful to me as I was to him. I don’t even want to go into gambling because I hate it and can’t stand people who waste their money and life with this kind of thing. 

  • Penelope

    If you aren’t feeling the love anymore, then it’s pretty clear you have to get out of this relationship. There are plenty of other men out there and you can definitely find someone better. 

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