I stopped loving someone who doesn't care?

I had a long-time boyfriend. We were almost six years and was planning to get married. We already started building our house. But everything turned into ashes and I never regretted that it happened. I always dream to walk in the aisle while he is waiting for me at the altar. However, during our almost six years ride, I realized that it was only I who tried so hard to let our relationship work. I was the one who did efforts and sacrifices. I forgave him a thousand times for hanging out in nightclubs with different women from USA. I always caught him still exchanging messages with his ex-girlfriend. He lies to me countless times. I had become so blinded by what I thought was love. The moment I woke up from that nightmare, I knew I have done enough and I should stop. I am so glad I did. I know I have done something great for myself and I am proud of myself.


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  • Patricia

    Sorry this happened to you. Maybe he didn’t care or maybe he just got used to the idea that you will forgive him after he did stupid things like hanging out with other women and so on. Anyway, this seems to be for the best and you should aim to find someone who really loves you and appreciates who you are.

  • tiredgf26
    Hi @patricia! Thank you for you comment. I know for sure that this is for the best. I already do but I don't want to rush things like before. I wanna take it slowly but surely. :)
  • HoneyEyes13
    You are a strong woman and deserve better! I wish you the best of luck in all that you do and all that you have to look forward to. Watch the movie "Enough" with JLO if you never have. It's extreme, but no woman should be treated as a lesser.
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