I’ve recently met this amazing woman…


She’s kind, sweet, loving, beautiful. We’ve met a few times and just yesterday she told me she has 2 children. She didn’t tell me this initially because she said she was afraid I wouldn’t want to date her. I understand why she did this and now I have to decide if I can go on with this since there are 2 kids involved. I love kids and I need to see if I am ready for them right now. Any advice is welcomed.


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  • Alexia

    It is not an easy choice to make but if you like this woman, why not at least try it? Maybe you’ll like it. You can never know these things until you give them a go. Tell her from the start that you don’t know what you’ll do in the end because you’re not sure you’re ready but you are willing to give it a try because you like/love her.

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