She said my girlfriend is cheating on me behind my back


I don’t know if it’s true or not but it makes me wonder. She’s one of my girlfriend’s friends and it’s weird that she would tell me this but she said she just hates seeing me get hurt. She told me to see for myself and told me my girlfriend’s next date would be tomorrow. So, I’m going to see for myself. What should I do if she’s indeed cheating on me? 


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  • Andy

    Don’t do anything stupid. Just make sure she is/isn’t cheating and then leave. Don’t try to talk to anyone. The next day, take some time to think and if this girlfriend is not that important to you, just break it off. If you love her, go talk to her and give her a chance to explain herself. Tell her you are very hurt and disappointed and that you two need at least 2 weeks apart. Don’t just forgive her. If she’s cheated but is sorry you’ll feel that. If she’s not sorry than there’s no point in hanging around because she doesn’t love you.  

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