Do I have something special if he loves watching love movies with me and going shopping?


Well, my question says it all I guess. My boyfriend of 3 years now is a great guy. One of those guys you hear about in stories and see in movies. He loves to make me happy, to watch love movies with me and even to go shopping with me for hours! I was pretty shocked at first, to see him do these things with me but now I got used to them. 


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  • Sarah

    Girl, you better hold on tight to this guy because he really sounds special! A little jealous here since most of my boyfriends didn’t even want to hear about me going shopping (and spending their money) let alone for them to come with me. He’s special girl and if he makes you happy he could be the one! 

  • Tina

    Are you kidding me? My boyfriend doesn’t even want to hear about love movies! You’re blessed to have such a boyfriend. Does he help you around the kitchen too? Because if he does then I’m seriously pissed! 

  • Gaby

    He’s an angel and you’d better not let him out of your sight or who knows what other woman might try to seduce him! Take good care of him because he sounds like the real deal! If I had such a boyfriend I wouldn’t leave him go outside. 

  • Penelope

    @Sarah – thanks for the reply.

    @Tina – yes, he does help around the kitchen which is also a bit odd for a guy, but who am I to complain :)?

    @Gaby – Thanks, I will keep an eye on him ;)

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