Have you ever cheated on your man?


I haven’t but there is this guy hanging around and he gets me turned on every time. I’m usually not this impulsive and can hold my own but this guy is different. I just don’t know. I don’t want to hurt my man and maybe this is a big mistake. What would you do?


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  • Riana

    Are you married? Are you happy in your marriage or relationship? If yes, then stop hanging around that guy and get your mind out of the gutter. If you’ve got a great thing going why would you risk it for some 10 minutes of sex? It makes no sense.

  • NameTBA

    Not married. Together for 3 years. We’re mostly happy with bad moments when he just says he needs his time alone. I don’t know what he does in that time. Is he cheating? I don’t know. Is he just in need of some time apart from me? Who knows.

  • Riana

    Well, then it’s up to you. I would make sure he’s cheating on me before I ever even thought about cheating on him. And if that turned out to be true, I would think about dumping him altogether.

  • HoneyEyes13
    Never have cheated and never will. I will leave a relationship if it isnt fulfilling or work on it before I try to fulfill needs elsewhere. You're not cheating if you befriend the dude to see if you want to move on to him. See what he's all about and if you aren't as interested in your man as you feel you should be move on to what you want
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