What if your girlfriend’s friend told you she was into you?


My girlfriend’s friend told me she likes me and I was totally shocked. I mean, she’s her best friend and all. On one hand I don’t want to break my girlfriend’s heart although we’ve been together for just 3 weeks so this is not serious, yet. On the other hand, her friend is super cute and we seem to get along great. What can I do?


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  • Neil

    If it’s not serious and you like this other girl, it’s best to have a chat with her (girl 2) and see if she really want to date you and accept the fight she’s going to have with her friend after you break up with her. Then you should tell your current girlfriend the truth. Don’t be a douche bag and be honest. She may hate you now but she will eventually respect you for telling the truth.

  • Alexia

    I agree. Always be truthful no matter how hard it is. Make sure this is not just a sort of test where this girl is testing you to see if you care for her best friend or not. You could end up losing both of them.

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