Should I delete our photos on Instagram?


Not too long ago my girlfriend and I broke up. It wasn’t a bad break up but we both prefer not to talk to each other for the time being. There’s a zero chance for us to get back together so I’m trying my best to move on now. I’m just not sure if I should delete all my photos with her on Instagram. There are photos of just us two while there are those with our friends as well. A part of me is telling me to let it be while another part of me is saying delete it all. I just feel bad because all the photos taken during our Ukraine ski trip has her on it. If I delete it I wouldn’t have a souvenir from that vacation. What do I do? In case you’re wondering, she hasn’t deleted her photos as far as I know. She didn’t even change our nicknames on Messenger.


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  • Amelia

    I, personally, wouldn't delete them. Take some time before deciding on such moves. These are your memories after all. If in a few months you think it’s best to delete some photos then do it, but not now. Just my 2 cents.

  • hurtingme30
    That's exactly what I've been thinking! These are my memories and I need to really think about it whether I want to get rid of them or not. You're right though, I think I'm gonna give it some time first and take a break from social media while I'm at it. It's really not good for my mental or emotional health right now.
  • ChezMary

    Social media is so fake these days. You’ll see many people smiling and posting happy, fancy photos when in fact, their lives are a mess. Stay off of social media! Just follow the people you truly aspire to and stop following people just for the sake of having more friends. And yes, don’t delete any photos. Your life is in those photos and she (your former girlfriend) was also a part of that life. Don’t just try to erase it. It doesn’t work that way.

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