I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

I know my girlfriend is a very busy person since she’s the one managing their business now. It’s just that, I need some of her time too. Even 10 minutes of her time everyday is enough. I just want to know if she is doing fine. I just want her to show that she is loving me for real too. I also need actions and not just words. But everytime I ask for a little time from her, it feels like I’m only disturbing her. I don’t know why she’s like that. I’m not demanding anything from her but just that. Is that really hard to give?


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  • Patricia

    So you two aren’t spending 10 minutes daily? I don’t understand how two people in a relationship don’t find at least 30 minutes or more to spend together daily. It makes no sense. How long have you been together and how long is this going on for?

  • doubtmind26
    I know right. That's what I've been talking about. We've been together for two months. Before she was busy, we used to spend a lot of time together. I don't understand what's happening to us now.
  • Riana

    This is insane! 10 minutes a day! How can you build and maintain any relationship on 10 minutes or less?! Does she even want a relationship?

  • ChezMary

    You’ll never get anywhere with so little time together. Talk to her and see what she says. Tell her this is extremely important and while you are there for her and understand she needs more time at work, you also need to see her. Hear her out and try to set some time apart for you two.

  • gregory99

    I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news and I hope I’m not right about this, but she may just want to end it with you. You need to talk to her and if she refuses, just go to her office. You can even tell her that if she doesn’t agree to speak with you, seriously, about this, you may pay her a visit. You need to be ready in case she does want to end things.

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