Pressure to get married. What do I do?

For someone being religious, following the commandments given is not difficult anymore. But if the commandment is all about marrying as long as you have found the one is a different story already. In our church, we have an organization called the “young single adults”. We are a group of young individuals who have been called to serve the church and its members. Of course, for a group who have been together for years, love will eventually bloom to each other.

Weeks from now, some of our group members are getting married. Our leaders are telling us to do the same. Now I’m pressured. To be honest, I have a foreign feeling to this girl who’s new to our organization. I really want to court her but she’s so new she might get terrified. What do I do?


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  • Patricia
    You need to figure out what is more important to you. If you have powerful feelings for this girl then you should probably try to court her. You also need to keep in mind your faith and since this is important to you, you need to do things that are within it's rules. I think love is more important than anything in this world, but this is just my personal opinion. 
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