She is nagging too much and I can't handle it anymore.

I have lived with my girlfriend for a few months already. Yes, it has only been a few months and I can’t take it anymore! She keeps on nagging over small and senseless things. I’m not used to people nagging on me this much, that’s why I can’t take this anymore. She’s a smart and pretty Colombian woman but her character is nothing but a stinky dead fish!


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  • Patricia
    Have you told her how you feel? Some women are just more prone to "nagging" so if you want a relationship with this woman you need to have serious chat about this. You both have to make compromises - maybe have some "nagging" free days? You need to understand that this is not going to stop completely out of the blue. But it can be diminished. 
  • nagginggf28
    Hi @patricia! Thank you for commenting! Haven't talk to her yet. Thank you for your advice and for somehow giving me a hope to save this relationship up.
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