My daughter is growing up too fast.

My daughter recently moved to a different town for college, so we barely see or talk to each other anymore. Last night, she called to say that she won't be home for Thanksgiving this year because she and her roommates are planning to go on multiple city singles tours. I know that she’s in college already, but to me she’s still my little girl and I still worry about her. I know that I should let her live her own life so she can grow, but at the same time I feel like she’s growing up so fast. Should I let her go on this trip? My husband and I miss her so much and we’re really looking forward to her coming home this November.


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  • Amelia

    Although it’s very hard to do, it’s probably best to let her go. You need to explain the potential dangers that could be present but she needs to learn to take care of herself. Teach her what you can but leave her room to be an adult.

  • sweetmommy
    Thanks, Amelia. It's probably for the best, as she will never learn and grow if she doesn't experience things firsthand. My husband and I have decided to let her go, but we'll always be here for her in case she needs us.
  • Amelia
    That's a good decision I think. It's never easy to make but she needs to learn to be an adult and she can't do that unless you give her permission to do so. I'm sure she will thank you later on. 
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