She got mad because I didn't unfollow my ex.


While my girlfriend and I was at a coffee shop one afternoon, I was on Twitter to read some celebrity tweets. She, on the other hand, is doing her thing at her laptop. I stood up to order a foreign cuisine she loves while leaving my phone at the table. The moment I got back, I noticed that my girlfriend is holding my phone. She raised her voice at me. It’s all about me failing to unfollow my ex-girlfriend. She got mad about that. She asked if I still love my ex or what. Do I have to do that? Why do girls have that mind-set?


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  • Patricia

    You need to reassure her that your ex doesn’t mean anything to you anymore and that she, your girlfriend is everything. Explain why you are still following her and afterwards ask her: Please take a day to think about it and if after that this is still bothering you, I will unfollow her. And be ready to do it.

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