What am I gonna do with my black sheep brother?


I really can’t take my older brother’s attitude. He’s very irresponsible and indeed a black sheep in the family. He really thinks we are that wealthy where in fact, we aren’t. He enrolled me at a Culinary Institute in America but won’t even pay for my tuition. He has a high paying job but it seems like it won’t suffice our needs. He kept on going to nightclubs and dating women from USA instead of paying attention to my studies. We only have each other. I know he can live on his own since he has a job but how about me? How am I going to survive when he is that irresponsible?


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  • Patricia

    Have you tried talking to him? Telling him you really, really need his help to continue your studies? Maybe he likes being asked?! Either way you need to have a very serious chat with him. Since he was the one to enroll you at a Culinary Institute, he must help out. Start by thanking him for everything he has done so far and tell him you need help. Let him know this is extremely important and see what he says.

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