She's no longer wearing our wedding ring.

It has been weeks since I noticed that my wife is no longer wearing our wedding ring. I realized that when we dined one night and my eyes suddenly landed on her hands. It was not just one time. Since that night, I always check her ring finger to see it and I never saw her wearing that ring again. I ignored it at first, thinking she had only forgotten. However, when I saw my five-year old son, Tom, was playing with her ring, I felt bad. She was on a foreign country for a business trip and I was just home from work when that happened. Did she really have the intention of not wearing it for a cause or she had just forgotten again? What does it mean?


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  • Patricia

    I’m surprised you didn’t ask her. I would have. It could be anything from forgetting to wear it to she doesn’t want to anymore because of who knows what reason. There are people that don’t want to wear wedding rings. They love each other but they just don’t like wearing the rings. Do yourself a big favor and ask her as soon as you can. Maybe it’s nothing. Or maybe it’s something but either way you need to know.

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