I just can't forget her.


I went to join a Latin foreign affair sometime this year. During the time I spent in that affair, I met a number of beautiful women. They are all gorgeous but one caught my attention in particular. She was standing across me and was just looking around the hall. I do not know if she was waiting for someone at that time but what kept running in my mind was to approach her and talk to her so I did. I approached and asked for her name. Her name is as commonly heard as mine but I do not have the slightest clue why it sounded so beautiful to me. Maybe it was the way she said it, the way she batted her eyes when she said it or maybe with the way her hair flowed in the air at that moment… I don’t really know but  what I know is that ever since that meeting, I can’t stop thinking about her even after I went back to the US. Do you think I should see her again? Ask her out on a date maybe?


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  • girlwithglasses13
    If you really want to, then go for it.
  • connor87
    Don't hesitate to see her again and tell her you like her, who knows she's exactly feeling the same way as you but is afraid to make the first move.
  • hector1973
    if you want, ask her out. maybe like it.
  • Patricia
    Definitely ask her on a date, talk to her and get to know her. If you had that reaction to her, there's surely something there. You shouldn't lose that. Keep in touch with her - maybe she feels the same way about you but is just afraid to reach out. 
  • e_owner
    edited August 15
    Well, man, why not? If you like her and she didn’t refuse your attempt of pick up, you can move further. Text her or call and ask for a new meeting, it’s really simple, lol. I hope, you have her number or facebook page. Sure that everything will be wonderful, just be brave. And if she will ignore you, well, it’s time to forget and find someone better. I personally don’t use dating sites too often but they are cool when you need to take a break and get some flirt or occasional romance. You may use Love Swans for more serious relationships or Tinder for simple chatting. Good luck!
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