I'll be marrying her. How would I propose?


It was a hot afternoon at the beach of Cartagena last 2013, I must recall, when I came to meet that incomparable and smart lady who is now my long-term girlfriend. Undoubtedly, Colombian women are indeed culturally-inclined and respectable. For 5 years of being together, I must say that my Colombian girl is highly-worthy of marriage. I want to share my life with her, build up a happy home with well-trained children, and the list goes on. In her upcoming birthday, I am planning to ask her hand for marriage. I am quite nervous since I am not a creative person. How would I propose to her? Do you have creative proposal ideas out there? Thanks!


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  • girlwithglasses13
    Since you've been together for 5 years, for sure you already know a lot of stuff she likes. Or what the things she likes to do. You could start thinking from there. 
  • connor87
    If I were to propose I'd make it intimate and romantic rather than public proposal because it creates too much pressure for both of you. During her birthday is also okay but be sure you're prepared enough because you're proposing in front of her friends and family.
  • hector1973
    first and for most, you should tell her parents what your plan and then try to ask them some ideas about what she likes and what she want. thier ideas and everything. girls love surprises. 
  • Patricia

    You probably already know her pretty well since you’ve been together for 5 years so you should already know what she likes or hates. Make a list of the things she adores and try to create something with them for the moment when you’ll propose. Maybe she already has some fantasies about this – you could try asking her without letting her know you’re planning this.

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