My wife wants a divorce because I’m barren.


For almost two months, my wife and I had been arguing over bearing a child. We have been dating for three years after meeting at dream tours for singles event and married for a year and half. When I told her I am barren after several check-ups, she was disappointed. I know she will be because she loves kids so much and I won’t be able to give her such. However, I did not expect her to reach this far. I thought she would try to understand me since I never want this anyway. I told her we should try over and over again. She agreed and we did. But she gave up this time. Last night, she said she will file a divorce pretty soon. I understand her point, really; it’s just too devastating for me. I want to stop her; I actually did. Yet, I know she will live unhappily with me if I force her to stay and I don’t want that. So, should I go for the divorce or talk to her once more?


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  • Patricia
    This really shouldn't be a problem. There are many options today even if you are barren. If your love is strong it should get over this and there shouldn't be talks of a divorce at all. If on the other hand, the love isn't there, perhaps divorce is the way to go. Have a serious series of discussions and figure things out and see if this can be saved or not. 
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