She's damn beautiful and hot!


When I visited the Philippines for a 3-week vacation, I was really astonished as to how unique and hospitable its culture is. It was my first time to taste their bannered set of foodies such as lechon, balut, and sisig. I went to different beach destinations which include Kalanggaman Island, Sumilon Island and Basdaku beach in Cebu. Upon staying for 4 days in Sumilon, I met this damn beautiful and hot Cebuana who shared memorable conversations with me. She’s very witty and formal. She talks to me nicely and we share the same passion in painting. Before I left, I asked for her Facebook account and she gave it anyway. She’s single and maybe, just maybe, I need to spend a vacation again this October in her country. I’m not rushing things out; I just find her very interesting and nice to be with.


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  • girlwithglasses13
    Well then, just continue that pacing. And when you really come again to the Philippines and meet her again, you'll know each other more. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a good relationship that will form. Good luck anyways! :)
  • Ilovepink
    It doesn't matter being beautiful and hot.
  • connor87
    Don't waste your time and tell her that you liked her. You said she's beautiful and hot, if you don't make a move, other guys will. Be sure to keep in contact with her, so she will feel that you remember her everyday.
  • hector1973
    Tell her you like her. dont waste your time. 
  • Payton

    Make sure to keep in touch with her. Contact her as soon as you can and I also think you should tell her how you feel about her. Even if there’s the distance between you two to think about that doesn’t mean there’s not something here. But don’t waste time and contact her.

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