Older sister wants me to keep a secret from our parents


My sister is trying to hide that she’s a part of some Latin America singles club from our parents. She’s sneaking out almost every night to hang out with other people who are a part of her group and I’m running out of excuses to say to our parents. She said they won’t understand her and would even mock her for it. Just to let you know our parents are kind of traditionalists and given our Latin background, I could understand why my sister’s scared of them finding out. But it’s really getting harder to keep her secret.


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  • Patricia
    It's always hard to be in such a position where you will upset someone no matter what you do. On one hand, it's not ok to keep this from your parents but then again, the way they are is putting your sister in a corner and she has to lie to them. It would have been much better for your parents to be supportive and tell her they are always there for her and she should tell them anything without the fear of being judged. Ultimately, your parents love both of you and just want you to be safe. 
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