I'm already choked in this relationship


My girlfriend and I are in this relationship for 2 years already and I must say that she has provided me with all the attention and care in the best ways she can. However, there are multiple times that she tends to be so controlling that it reached to the point that she’s intervening with EVERYTHING I do. I have this habit of reading one book per day and that came to non-existence as she orders me to be with her all the time. I am sweet and caring as well, but her commands are very choking. She orders me to cook for her on a daily basis (I have to visit her everyday!) and even makes me as an errand runner. I’ve been into international dating blogs to spot some articles that tackle about toxic and unhealthy relationships; I have found some kind of general tips and those relate to my situation real hard. I was wondering if this could still work out.


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  • connor87
    If you're not happy in the relationship, get rid of it until it isn't too late. Be with someone who can be your lover and bestfriend at the same, in that way your relationship will become more meaningful and beneficial to each other.
  • archie1982
    Sit down you two and have a serious talk about this matter. Have you tried opening this up to her?
  • hector1973
    in that case, you should get out of that relationship. you can find someone better than her in a good way.
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