Is kissing in the lips normal for best friends?


I met this girl during real singles tours and we started dating right after we hit it off. I really like this girl because she’s one of a kind. She’s fun to be with and we both like Sidney Sheldon’s books. Two weeks later, she let me meet her guy best friend. We decided to have a cup of coffee with her best friend. While this girl and I were talking about outdoor activities, waiting for the guy to come, someone suddenly grabbed her arm to hug her. I was shocked. Little did I know, it was the guy we have been waiting. So, she introduced me to him and we started chatting. I noticed that the guy is very clingy to her. He often held her hands and he even kissed her lips when he bid goodbye. Is that normal for best friends to kiss in the lips or there’s something going on between them and I am just a villain in their story? What do you guys think?


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  • Patricia

    I’ve seen cases where a women and a man were very affectionate with one another and still were just friends so it can happen. If you have doubts you should definitely talk to her and see what she says. Bottom line is that if you and she are a real item and this bothers you she should put a stop to it or at least reduce this somehow. It’s all about making compromises: you can’t expect her to stop seeing this guy and she should understand why this would be bothering you.

  • girlwithglasses13
    Are you already in a relationship or you are still dating? If you are already in a relationship, that should not be happening. For me, that is very much not okay. She should have told her bestfriend to back off a bit a sign of respect to you and to your relationship. If you are still dating, then you should tell her about what you really feel about what you saw in a calm way. 
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