She’s back but I’m taken. What should I do?


I had this woman in my life who is so special to me before. We knew each other personally but we barely talked. I decided to chat this beautiful lady after we saw each other on a new year’s party dating service we both attended. After that night, I had found my real happiness. I was glad I had the courage to finally send her a message. Everything was going on smoothly with us. We were so sweet to each other back then. She used to sing a song for me almost every night. She used to tell me what had happened on her day. She talked to me whenever she had problems. I always talked to her whenever I’m free too. But suddenly, things have changed when she moved out of the country. We were like that for a couple of year. Yet, we were just friends for the whole time. I didn’t try to court her because she had problems going on with her family that time and I didn’t want to become another burden for her. However, I think that was the greatest mistake I have ever done in my life. Though I got mad of her leaving without telling me, I was okay without her. After a few months, I got myself a girlfriend and everything was fine day by day. The most devastating yet happiest day for me was last night. She sent me a message asking how have I been doing for the past months. I thought I already forgot about her; I was wrong. I have a girlfriend and I shouldn’t care if she’s back but that’s exactly what I felt. I’m so doomed. What should I do first?


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  • Patricia

    How serious are things with your new girlfriend? How do you feel about her? Also, are you ok with your former girlfriend leaving you without even telling you? You need to think about and answer all these questions in a rational way, without letting your heart get the best of you. This is a very difficult decision and you might break up with your girlfriend and then you will figure out that there’s really no future with your old one. That can happen.

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