Should I give her another chance?

I was on my Ukraine ski trip with some businessmen for the last two weeks. The two-week trip was all for work. While I was there, I thought of surprising my girlfriend. There is no special occasion; I just want to surprise her with flowers and chocolates. On our way back, I bought her gift-- a Gucci bag. I just miss her so much, that’s why I did that. When the plane landed at my hometown, the very first thing I had in mind was to visit her at her workplace and so I did. When I arrived at her office, I saw how busy she was doing her paper works. I waited for her to look up at me. When she did, her stressful face lighted. A smile curved on her lips and she rushed out of her chair to hug me. I gave her what I had in my hands and kissed her in forehead. However, what caught my attention the moment I look at her after the said kiss was a pair of eyes with tears pooling around it. I asked her why and she began sobbing. I hugged her until she felt relaxed, then she started talking to me. She said she got drunk and had a one night stand with a stranger while I was away. I was dumbfounded. I walked out of her office. She called me but I continued walking. I felt betrayed. She loves me; there’s no doubt in that but I am hurt. I know it was a mistake but I can’t accept what had happened. I still love her with all of my heart. Should I forget about it and give her another chance or not?


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  • Patricia

    You need some time apart from her because you are hurting. You need to take a break – it could be a few days or a few weeks. Right now, you need some time alone to figure it out. You need to ask yourself if you see yourself forgiving her and moving on. If she’s really sorry about what happened then she may deserve a second chance. Also, she needs to know that it will take you some time to look at her in the same way as before. It will take time and you can’t know for sure if you will ever trust her 100% ever again. You must be truthful with her and tell her how things are.

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