Is it too soon to marry him after 6 months?


We are together since 6 month ago and he just asked me to marry him. I was shocked and I told him I need some time to think about it. Now I don’t know what to do. On one hand, I love him and want to, but isn’t it too soon?


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  • Alexia

    Yes, it’s too soon. I’ve seen plenty of people who were in love, going for it after a short period of time only to end up divorced and unhappy. This is just a piece of paper ultimately but it can change things a lot and don’t even get me started on how hard a divorce can hit you. Why rush it? Why not just enjoy each other’s company for 2-5 years or more and then, if everything feels great, do it. Why would you rush it?

  • Lucia

    Before you say yes or no, move in with him. I’m serious. Spend at least 1-2 years with him, under the same roof, and see how you fare. Once you start seeing his daily routines and not-so-pleasant habits (we all have them) you will realize if you’re ready for a bigger commitment or not. Tell him that moving in together should be the next logical step and do it. You’ll see realize if marriage is such a good idea or not. 

  • Fiona

    Definitely too early if you ask me. Are you in a hurry? Why? Life is so much more than marriage and unfortunately, marriage can (most of the time) make things a lot worse. 

  • princessA
    Ofcourse it’s too soon, give it time and before thinking about saying yes ask yourself is he the one , am I ready to spend the rest of my life with this guy that I recently met... n this should be reciprocal I mean from both sides don’t trust his words!! His actions is what matters!! Before you open your heart to him open ur eyes and see how he treats u n who u are to him.. Also, something’s very important ; FAMILY. What ur family says about him and his family too. I hope u take ur time before any decision like so  and enjoy your moments together n if it’s meant to be it will be:) 

    i wish you all the best xx
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