How to move on with the pain easily?


I am not certain as to how to continue living while my wife is cheating on me with another man. We don’t have kids because I am not able to produce one. Due to that reason, my wife left me and went away with some other man. How can I stop myself from feeling blue? My friends suggested I should enjoy life by attending a foreign social events and date different women. However, I don’t have the slightest idea on what they do. Does that even ease the pain I’m feeling? Help, I need the fastest process to get this over with.


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  • Patricia

    Unfortunately there isn’t an easy (or a fast) way to get over these kind of feelings. It’s always hard to get cheated on and it won’t go away easily. Try to accept this and just start having more fun. Go out, meet new people, talk to friends, go on dates. Do things you like doing. You will feel blue from time to time – that’s unavoidable, but try to get out of those states as soon as possible. Watch videos and comedies, keep having fun and laughing and you’ll soon be much better.

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