How should I tell her I want to quit?


My girlfriend is a Thai and her family is very religious. It is impressive though, but I did not expect them to be that religious. It is a good thing, of course. The problem is that my girlfriend and her family is slowly changing me. A foreign culture is making me difficult to fit in. I don’t like it that way. My girlfriend doesn't want me to spend time with my friends because according to her, my friends are all bad influence for me. She just wants me to spend time with her alone. She and her family don’t want me to go clubbing. It’s really annoying. They are choking me, really. I can’t be with those kind of people. Is it rude if I tell her I want to quit because of that?


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  • Patricia

    I wouldn’t be able to function in these kinds of conditions. If someone loves you they shouldn’t pressure you on doing certain things and not doing others you might enjoy. There are always compromises to be made but things shouldn’t get out of hand. It all depends on how much you love her and how much of your freedom you are ok with giving up on. You should talk with your girlfriend and tell her you love/like her and are willing to give some things up but there are also some things you don’t want to change. See what she says and try to find common ground. If it doesn’t work (and do a few tries first) just end it.

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